Game Status
Name Toonet
Genre Humour, Sim
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s) 22nd April 2016
Developer(s) MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.
Age Rating 3+
Film Status

Toonet is a growing online community with over 60 Million players worldwide. The very first game created by MopDoppler Entertainment Inc., Toonet features the origin of MopDoppler, as several items, posters, easter eggs, merchandise, and "Kritterz", (the fauna within the game) bare in resemblance to several of MopDoppler's future games.

The game hits the second place record for The Most Popular Kid's Website, behind Moshi Monsters, another growing online game. Contrary to many beliefs, Toonet is gaining more units and players in a day than Moshi Monsters in a week.

The main selling point for the brand, their Merchandise, is one of the most distributed things the company produces, as MopDoppler even reveals that almost one eighth of their funds come from Toonet alone.

Arguably one of the most recognisable aspects of the game is the heavy use of Easter Eggs[1] and puns used within the game.(See)

The game is continuously updated by a small group called The Toonet team, consisting of several users with names based on levels of jobs. The team consists of the users, in order of jobs Minister (creator, manager, designer, head ideas compartment), Curator (semimanager, designer, ideas compartment), Burea (designer, head manager), and Veteplayer (designer), name play on the words veteran and player. Minister, Curator, and Burea have been designing since September the 26th 2013, with high hopes of the eventual creation - coming to its development in April 2016.


The game mainly entices you in with a warm welcome and entry with your avatar (your player) smiling whilst you customise and dress them up. The avatar that you have now chosen becomes the player - going through many main features and aspects of the game. According to the Toonet Staff's policy, they must update the game several times per month, to attract more users and gain in publicity. The goal of the game is unknown; as it is constantly updating. Most treat the goal to be hitting Level 1000 - the highest level within the game. An estimated eleven years is required of playing the game to gain to this level.


  • The AutoSave option; a feature that will automatically save after each use
  • Online status options are used (e.g. Profiles (a section about you visible to others) that will display a small tint of text next to a green button - showcasing your online status.)
  • Commenting - the "Local Newspaper", The Daily Fail, features comments visible to people either logged in or logged out. Only logged in users may comment, though. The comments also display Like and Share buttons.


The Forum is arguably the most disrupted feature of the game. Many users spam comments with advertising, general disruption, or just spam. This eventually led to the filtered comments section - this means that the comments are only to come through once a staff member has seen it; therefore, now, every message sent to others whether through general messages must have been seen and approved by the staff.


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