Ohmygosh, sis! Codi is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! What language did you program her in? Ruby? Python? Java? Perl? A mix of two or more? All four of the ones I said? Maybe none of the above? Ah, nevermind. Point is, SHE'S ADORABLE!
Tiny Beat to KC about KC's bot

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Tiny Beat
Background information
Films Fan Creations Wiki: The Second Installment
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Madame KC and her faithful assistant
Voice Madame KC
Performance model
Designer Madame KC
Inspiration A dream KC had
Honors and awards Most Adorable Musical Character in a Feature Film (2015)
Character information
Full name Anna Cadenza Breaker
Other names Tiny Beat (preferred nickname)
Break Beat (alternative of preferred nickname)
Personality Hyperactive, perky, unusually intelligent for her age, and able to make friends surprisingly quickly, yet anything BUT a Mary-Sue.
Appearance(s) Long brunette hair, sky-blue eyes, olive skin, almost always a T-shirt saying, "TURN IT UP" and jeans
Birthday September 2, 2002
Occupation Unemployed (she's twelve, for crying out loud! :P )
Home A hidden house in MediaWiki:Wikia.css
Relatives Payton Solavski (biodigital mother)
Madame KC (biodigital sister)
Niss & Orasaki Nina (biodigital cousins)
Pets "Codi" (well, techincally, it's KC's, but since KC is her biodigital sister, we're putting it here)
Minions "Codi" (when she feels like being so)
Likes EDM, uniqueness, the color silver, the color blue, Madame KC, Wikia, the words "Clarity" and "Spectrum", Notepad++
Dislikes Hate groups (especially anti-Zedd clubs), rap, dubstep (to some degree), country songs with a ton of curse words in them, most Arianators (they annoy her with their apparent insanity)
Powers and abilities The scary ability to make someone collapse to the floor in agony just by staring them in the eyes and thinking about Ariana Grande
Digital immortality
Amazing musical talents
Weapons Her mind, her hands, her intelligence, and her perkiness
Fate Alive
Quote "Turn up your night, KC! (Remember that song?)"
Tiny Beat is a supporting character in Fan Creations Wiki: The Second Installment. She comes into existence shortly after Muse Stache's invention collapses and triggers a sort-of "portal into the creations", which causes DC and KC to literally enter the Fan Creations Wiki.

History Edit


As KC is flying through the portal, a bit of her existence clones itself and goes flying off in another direction. A similar cloning happens with the Nina Sisters and Zenith— who all just so happen to be nearby when the invention collapses (Niss & Orasaki for the post-completion entertainment, Zenith for the celebration music). When the portal closes, KC's DNA merges with the code of Niss, Orasaki, and Zenith to form a young girl. The girl retains some of KC's memories, abilities, and personality traits, as well as the musical talent of Zenith and the immortality of Niss and Orasaki, and she soon decides to name herself Tiny Beat. This is most likely because of her youth and the occupation of her "mother".