The Crakel is a rare specimen which is indigenous to the heart of Rocky Canyon. The creature was encountered by a woman who happened to be stranded on one of the hundred islands of this mysterious land - the woman described the presence as followed: "it was a rather big creature which I happened to glance at as I was lighting a fire". From this source of information an idea was soon developed that the Crakel is attracted to any heat source it may sense.


An explorer travelled to the island in which the animal was spotted. He retrieved a Craklet (a baby Crakel) and shipped it back to the USA. The creature was soon discovered to be a survivor of the Jurassic period and was therefore declared a twenty first century dinosaur. Close research was done and the dinosaur had evolved an exoskeleton which allows it to survive bites or attacks from predators. In addition to its outer skeleton it also developed an immunity to fire thus allowing to survive extreme heat.

Personality: malign, malevolent, malicious


The Crackle has a specifically fixed diet which was closely monitored by scientists. The dinosaur is an insectivorous species. After monitoring the Crakel's diet the data showed that the creature was an insectivorous species which means it eats only insects.

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