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The Battle of Lucid
Weaponry and ammunition
Allies Corsconian soldiers
Axis Lucidtroopers
Deaths 9,021(see)




The Battle of Lucid was a battle that occurred when the D-452 ship was driving towards Alderan from Corsconia, but was attacked by several ships that came from the Lucid Moon.


During a test flight, the D-452 managed to successfully complete a mission of 225,300,000 km from Corsconia to Alderan. Within its first maiden voyage, several parts that managed to sustain the ship's engine had been damaged by asteroids when flying through the Asteroid field of Corsconia. Ships from the Lucid Moon had been alerted that the ship had been damaged, and saw it as a perfect time to destroy it. Months after it had managed to return to Corsconia within the maiden voyage, it set off on its first official voyage, and at the half way point between Corsconia and Alderan, it was greeted by ships from the Lucid Moon.

After the ship had survived an air-raid from approximately forty Lucid Guards[1] - the name of the ships that came out of the Lucid Moon - it used radio signals to alert nearby ships to help occupants of the D-452 escape, as only fifty Escape Pods were on the ship at the time, compared to the six-hundred on board; a ratio of 5:60. It arose controversy that their misconduct was purposeful, but was never brought up as both the Alderani and Corsconian government forbid even speaking of the event. As the alerted ships believed that the signal was a phoney, they ignored it and as a result, only 250 of the 600 managed to leave the ship; the maximum Escape Pod capacity 400kg, roughly five persons per pod. The ones that stayed behind were people that had the slightest knowledge of battle, and stayed aboard for over three months, until most of the rear, where the engine was, had been set afire. When the engine had been burning, the ship began to produce fumes that managed to give several Lucid Guard pilots diseases such as Rone, a disease that infects several organs, including the lungs, the heart, the ovaries and pancreas. On several cases, it could infect the body's reproduction system.

Comic sourcesEdit

  • [Page 24] For twelve days, pilots on the D-452 called out to nearby ships, even though every message was ignored.
  • [Page 27] The D-452 was fully in control of Lucidtroops in 8 ANR.[2]
  • [Page 42] Approximately 9,021 people died during the period of the war, five months and twelve days - 4,589 of them were Lucidtroops.


  1. The Order of 12 on, "an estimated forty ships had participated in the air-raid, leaving the eastern side of the D-452 in flames"
  2. Page 27 of The Battle of Lucid comic, "Osman reporting, Sector 7b; we have a major situation here. Lucidtroops are in control of the ship."