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Pokémon Obsidian, Pokémon Amethyst and Pokémon Peridot versions are the three games of Generation VII Pokémon. They are renowned for their abrupt switch to the 2D gameplay style, similar to those in Generation V and VI, instead of a 3D design.

The game comes with 150 new Pokémon and is often considered the most difficult Pokémon game to play, having notably difficult gym leader fights and a champion famed for difficulty. There are two regions to explore, known as the Pecan and Camelia regions, both sporting very unique designs and Pokémon.

The first two games, Pokémon Amethyst and Pokémon Peridot, were released 2 years prior to the publication of Pokémon Obsidian, the remastered version of the two. They were also the second games in the entire franchise to utilize the option of difficulty, this time giving you the option to play through whichever difficulty you desire. Each difficulty presents different trainer Pokémon, different movesets and the occasional different design. These modes don't really impact the game significantly in terms of layout and story.

Selling more than 10 million copies, they were MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.'s way to reboot the series, morphing the design into a smooth, HD and 2D third-person game, much like 2-3 generations prior. The games took an estimated 14 months to complete, which is considered expeditious for MopDoppler standards. Nonetheless, the games received the highest rating for a Techno game in years, scoring 8.5 + across multiple review websites.


Much like other Pokémon games, the game boots up and will ask for your language; there is a dozen options. Subsequently, the Pokémon Professor of the games, Professor Willow, will promptly ask for your gender and give you a typical guide to controls, etc. She will then question the difficulty you want to set the game to. (Nuzlocke modes are unlocked after the completion of the game at least once, meaning all 16 badges.) Then the player's Father will emerge from a curtain of darkness and wake the player up; they will throw their quilt off, acting surprised, and get changed from their threadbare night garments to the player's default clothing (a blue jacket and a generic red Pokémon hat for the male, and then a pink blazer and red scarf with a white hat for the female). They will then adroitly avoid the default Pokétoys placed around the room before meeting with the Father again. He will give you the option to save, as well as settings/ preferences. He will additionally give the player an Xtransceiver and a PokéWatch, resembling the one in Generation IV. Although the two features of the game are not very pivotal, they can be used frequently if several procedures are done to do so.

After speaking to the Father, they will leave the house and suddenly bump into the rival (named Drew by default, although this can be changed further into the game). He will walk you around your hometown whilst preoccupied in an interminable, incoherent speech. After he has finished, the two will visit the Pokémon lab and talk to the Professor, as seen earlier. She will first gift you with a Pokédex and then subsequently a starter Pokémon of your choice. After all of this has been finished, you are free to make your way to Avenir, the second town accessible in the game. In it is the first gym which can be challenged after a battle with your rival and a visit to the Avenir forest, where the gym leader can be found training with her partner Pokémon, Chargead. The player's Pokémon will be at roughly level 16-18 at this point.

After successfully defeating the gym leader, the player must head to Mossleaf City, where the GTS, Poké Transfer Tower and Telecommunications Building are located. It is the third largest city accessible. Here they will make their first encounter with Team Zero; one of their comrades can be seen blocking the doorway to the Telecommunications building. He will tell the player to shoo, and will mistakenly tell them about their operation and its outcomes. He will then fight you, demanding you give him your Pokémon; after defeating him, he will run off in the direction to Route 3, an optional route that leads to a dead end. After the rival has been defeated, you are given the option to travel either left or right; the path to the right leads to Victory Road, but is barricaded by roadworks. (It is only accessibly after all 8 gym leaders have been defeated.) The path to the left (Route 4) is precipitous, featuring many obstacles, such as rocks, boulders and cracks. Higher-levelled wild Pokémon will appear there, and on Tuesday nights, if the player is playing Pokémon Amethyst, a Chargead will appear with its hidden ability; however, if the player is playing Pokémon Peridot, a Stodiget will appear with its hidden ability. In Pokémon Obsidian, both will appear depending on whether it is Monday or Wednesday. After proceeding to the end of the route, a cave will be the final obstacle before Raide Village. The cave is known as the Heathfield Cave. It features several trainers and rare Pokémon.

The player will then find themselves promptly startled by their rival. He makes an obscure speech about seeing alien-like men (Team Zero). His speech then falls into incomprehensible murmuring, signalling a cutseen to start. There is a deafening noise and a gargantuan creature suddenly comes into the player's field of vision, whose ominous presence dawns on them as imminent; it swoops right past their left ear. Startled, mouth agape, the player and the rival will flee into the Pokémon Center. They are immediately greeted with chaos; people are running around in terror and worry. Then a mysterious man walks in and calms the people down; he talks about the Pokémon that was sighted and its power. He then leaves, with the people left in states of bewilderment. Subsequently, the rival will leave, heading to the Training Area.

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