Ever since DICE's 2015 controversial reboot of beloved spinoff game series, Star Wars Battlefront, a division of fans between the old and new has emerged. But whether you're true to the saga's roots or are a sucker for graphics and gameplay (I, personally, part with the latter), I've concocted a personal list for the most defining frontline the series has to offer: the blasters. Or, in particular, my personal favourite of the bunch — whether it's some fun whigmaleerie (boy, did I have to look that one up) they possess, the brute strength they flaunt, or some other, random reason that happens to pop into my head, here's my Top 10 Favourite Blasters in Star Wars Battlefront. And it's a list whose choices are basically life decisions I love this game so much, haha — I mean, come on, I'm having to narrow a roster of 22 down to 10 — it's hard, okay?!

Contents: Hon. Mention · No. 10 No. 9 No. 8 No. 7 No. 6 No. 5 No. 4 No. 3 No. 2 No. 1

Honourable MentionEdit

T-21B Targeting Rifle text T-21B Targeting Rifle text hover

T-21B_stats.svgT-21B blaster

For the dreary Honourable Mention spot is none other than the ol' faithful T-21B Targeting Rifle. A refined version of its predecessor, the T-21, the "inverted sniper" to many, it combines the power of a Heavy Blaster with the precision and range of a Blaster Rifle — to create some sort of a hodepodge resulting in a Targeting Rifle, curiously enough. Boasting two optics its prior form lacked, the go-to firearm of the bane of any offline Survival Mode-goer: Shadowtroopers. Their very name makes me shiver ... and, if it's the refined or, FYI, better version of its predecessor, this thing's gotta be good, right? Oh, and, speaking of Survival Mode — the T-21B is basically TIME's Person Of The Year when it comes to it. It's super reliable, capable of OHKOing normal Stormtroopers, 2HKOing Jumptroopers & Biker Scouts, and 5HKOing Shadowtroopers & Shocktroopers. Add this to its excellent range and DLT-19X-calibre scope, and it's at the hand of anyone in need of a good solid blaster to conquer Battlefront's secret Co-Op gem.

So, why only an Honourable Mention?
Well, simply put, outside of its one defining role in the Star Wars Battlefront metagame, being in Survival Mode, it has very little ground elsewhere. Online, as a matter of fact, it's even worse than its facsimile, the T-21, despite being its supposed "refined version", or literally any other gun in the game — by the Battlefront gods at THE SWBFC, it is the bottom of the barrel, at F Rank, for starters, and its poor Rate of Fire and Cooling Power make it seem overlooked, largely in favour of more balanced, less "to one extreme", kind of blaster. Despite having such a high damage output at face value, at the surface, it merely deals a 3HKO to all infantry without any HP/damage modifiers. Albeit, this continues as a 3-shot kill at longer ranges — the T-21B, on the plus side, has the game's lowest damage drop-off at longer ranges, excluding the Relby V-10 (but we don't talk about the inferior A280C), going from 45 base damage up to 10 metres down to a minimum of 34 at 50m — making it a minuscule total of 11 damage lost over the course of 40m which, by all means, is fantastic. In addition, it has an above average bullet speed at 500m/s, and a fantastic maximum distance at 1500m — which translates to practically anywhere on any map — or, at least, anywhere you'll need it to go. But statistically, really, these are its only true distinctions — it can only fire 7 shots before overheating, which its predecessor, the T-21, besters by 5. FIVE. And the T-21 doesn't even have a good Cooling Power to begin with! And there are some blasters than can fire over 20 shots prior to overheating, such as the K-16 Bryar Pistol and DL-18 — but the former is one of — if not the — worst blasters in the game, so we won't talk about that, haha. But generally, it finds itself to be one heck of a fish in an ocean of guns that can do the same thing, many of which are paralleling or, bluntly put, better. But the T-21B's fantastic bullet drop-off, range, and consistently good damage can give it some merit, albeit a small one, relegating it to Number 10. But it's 10 out of 22, right? So clearly it's more relevant than a good half of the blasters that exist in this game — at least to me. And in Survival Mode, this thing is a literal bomb, and you know what they say, being the best at something is better than being the best at everything, right?

Number 10Edit

DT-29 Blaster Pistol text DT-29 Blaster Pistol text hover

DT-29_stats.svgDT-29 blaster

At Number 10 is none other than the signature hand of Director Orson Krennic (you know, the pseudo-Grand Moff Tarkin from Rogue One that everyone forgot about?), it's the DT-29. With its hypnotic crosshair and Sonic Screwdriver mashup of a design, whose gimmick is one of the few true hints of realism the series hitherto never had to offer, it's six or nix with this curious blaster pistol. You've probably seen its in-part godlike stats before, picked it up once, only to leave it gathering dust like a book, through which a magical tale has already been waded. And it's with good reason, too — perhaps any sign of true realism in a space opera spinoff should be left low-profile, particularly when an ever-diminishing six bullet cap before a mandatory cowboy-style reload gets in the way of everything. Debuting in the — by general consensus — most unloved and overlooked DLC, Rogue One: Scarif, it makes sense for arguably the most unloved and overlooked blaster (or, should I even call it that? It isn't exactly a blaster (Star Wars lingo for epic laser gun thing) with such an odd gimmick like that) to make its grand entrance as possibly one of the most unloved and overlooked blasters. But that's why I love it, and don't overlook it.

If you love it so much, why only Number 10, then?
Because, to be bluntly honest, this thing sucks. There is no reason to use this thing over its fellow Blaster Pistol counterparts, like the DL-44 and SE-14C, both of which are just as powerful and, while they might lack its range or rate of fire, are much more flexible and aren't disadvantaged because of one, pathetic reason. If I were to use the DT-29 ever online, I'd expect this thing to give me 8 shots and have even higher damage and range. Give me a reason to actually want to use this thing, as opposed to using it intentionally because I know it sucks ass. I feel like its 6 shot gimmick just holds it back at everything it possibly tries to do — sure, it makes Explosive Shot viable as there is no cooldown as such — but then you think that Explosive Shot used to never overheat your blaster twice as quickly, almost ruling this idea out. And while the use of a Cooling Cell might remedy this thing's problem, it's just as bad as the DLT-19x — being bound to a Star Card just to function is pathetic, and plagues it. If I'm forced to burn through tens of Cooling Cells each game unsustainably why would I even bother with this thing? It has no real niche despite its great stats, for its damage is only a 2-shot kill — meaning that you'll need to use one-third of your bullets to kill one enemy. In addition, it has a horrible damage drop-off, falling to a 3 shot then subsequently 4 shot kill after 20m, eventually falling to its very minimum at 40m at 25 damage. But then, what happens if you miss? Having such specified damage outputs makes this thing extremely susceptible to the most popular Trait in the game, Bodyguard — even at only Trait Level 1, it's turning your 2-shot kills into 3-shot kills, and 4-shots into 5-shots, which makes Berserker Trait mandatory, which absolutely sucks. For a damage stat as high as its, why am I being forced into increasing such damage only to beat one single thing? Its rate of fire is pointless, as it is already capped (meaning that your bullets will fire in a pattern of a pace, not based on how quickly you can pull your trigger), and its range, although above average for a blaster pistol, still is average.

So if I'm bashing this thing so much, why does it have place on this list at all, then?
You're killing me with these questions.

I'll keep it short and simple, then: because it's FUN. And that's the point of games, right? Not to play by viability, but to have FUN. Its entire premise is FUN. Its design is FUN. Its stats are FUN. Its crosshair is FUN. And playing with it is, you guessed it, AWFUL. But it's still FUN, right? Right. I can't count the amount of times I have accidentally ripped teams to shreds with this garbage, and genuinely had the time of my life in doing it, too. It encourages you to play strategically and conservatively and to only go for targets that are truly worth it. It genuinely is one of the most skilled blasters in the game and, in succeeding with it, you'll be happy to know that you're doing well with such a hard weapon to use. While it really is gathering dust like a book, through which a magical tale has already been waded for me, it's always cool to know that I've used it a few times, and have had fun with it. And while I will only ever use it when I'm in a good mood, it still has a relevant place in my heart, unlike a good half of the blasters in this game.

Number 9Edit

CJ-9 Bo Rifle Blaster Rifle text CJ-9 Bo Rifle Blaster Rifle text hover

CJ-9_Bo_Rifle_stats.svgCJ-9 Bo Rifle blaster
CJ-9 Bo Rifle poster

Favoured among Battlefront's noobiest of noobs is the CJ-9 Bo Rifle. It's in the same sphere as Homing Shot and Scout Pistol — its users have skills so bad they could kill an elephant. And yet, at the same time, it seems to kill me about as much as BactaBodyguard EE-3 — with a characteristic melee so dastardly it can 1v1 Heroes, it's no wonder this thing is at the hands of just about anyone looking to be as tryhard as can be. But who's to say that doesn't make it fun to use? Escape Artist Trait Level 3 + Personal Shield, after all, makes the Bo Rifle one of the most annoying things ever. And it's particularly satisfying to crush Top Players in their tracks, only to Ion Shock Emote their sorry faces after getting Fat Boyed to the face. And mono-Bo Rifle melee servers is quite the blast — when you're bored, giving this garbage a spin is always fun. And when it works, it's a whole other story — hate mail is pretty much prerequisite.

But that's where the fun ends, haha. Outside of its electric chair-standard taser, this thing sucks. The actual blaster part of the spectrum is totally not worth the sacrifice for the enhanced melee — it's so appallingly bad that I'm surprised Bo Rifle diehards actually kill things with anything that isn't the melee. With a pathetically low 30 Maximum Damage, average 220 RPM, and frequent inaccuracies establish this gun as one of the worst the game has to offer. At least low-damage guns like the RT-97C have the Rate of Fire and Range to make up for it, but this thing's overly-situational melee really does it no favours, honestly. At least it's a decent counter to the ubiquitous BactaBodyguard combo and can work well depending on the map, but outside of this, it's not worth anyone — not even the most incompetent of noobs's — time. NOT EVEN MINE. AND I LIKE CYCLER RIFLE.

Number 8Edit

DL-18 Blaster Pistol text DL-18 Blaster Pistol text hover

DL-18_stats.svgDL-18 blaster

No town is big enough for the two of us—myself and the DL-18. With a Cooling Power tha's fine as cream gravy (20 shots is enuff for any Cowboy fandango), unmatched by all but abbiselfa, I sure as hell can fight like a Cincinnati cat with this 'ere roscoe in my hand. Nothin' beats tha' rootin'-tootin' range, or tha' uncapped rate o' fire — why, in the hands of any Sheriff, any slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler is sure to be thrown into any slimy, double-crossing, no-good calaboos' — bu' it's quite th' lick an' promis' if I do say so myself, wha' with such a deadbeat Damage — com' o' now, 33 maximum damage? With a damage drop-off of 21? Bosh. Eh ... I gues' I'm jus' bein' a croaker, I oughta hobble ma' lip. Tha' Coolin' Power has go' quite th' bulge.

Okay, Mr. Sherriff — if all of this is "sound on the goose", why only Number 8?
Wel', *ahem* ... it really isn't that great of a gun, haha. Sure, it's got the best Cooling Power in the game, the best Range for any Blaster Pistol in the game, and a Rate of Fire stat and pattern that parallels that of the EE-3, one of the best guns in the game — but yet, it sucks. Sure, even with all of its positives, it has one big flaw, being how underpowered it is. Example: the CA-87 has the worst RPM, Muzzle Velocity, Range, and is joint for the worst Rate of Fire and Cooling Power (while one might argue the DLT-19X has a worse Cooling Power, its shots just have a higher heat per shot, as opposed to a worse Cooling Power), albeit the game's best damage, and, purely because of this, it's B Rank — thereby meaning it's an all-around better gun than the poor C Rank DL-18 who, despite his many boons, is let down by one single shortcoming: it's weak, and so are its niches. That put it into perspective? The DL-18 is great at everything EXCEPT damage, and it sucks. The CA-87 sucks at everything EXCEPT damage, and it's great — at least, it's better than the likes of the DL-18. And while it has 20 shots before overheating (pretty nifty, right?) it actually doesn't have the lowest heat per shot (that title would go to the A280C, which can fire 25 shots before overheating), which means its main niche technically isn't as great as it might have seemed at face value. Well, yes, but who really needs 20 shots before overheating? It might have the biggest Range for any Blaster Pistol, but does it matter? Its Range truthfully still isn't great, not to mention its horrible damage drop-off, etc. At least it's accurate and has a decent Muzzle Velocity. And while it has a few remedies to solve how underpowered it is, such as Berserker trait and, above all, Explosive Shot, turning its 4HKOes into 3HKOes, it doesn't save it from the same mediocre sphere as the likes of the Relby-V10 and DL-44.

But if this is all the truth, why do you like it?
Because of Blast. Because. Of. Blast.

Seriously, the combination of Explosive Shot + Berserker, seriously, is a BEAST. If you're lucky enough to get to Berserker Trait Level 3, in conjunction with Explosive Shot, this thing can 2-shot all infantry without any HP/damage modifiers — which is awesome! Not to mention that you can still fire 10 shots before overheating, in addition to a great Rate of Fire. I'm honestly surprised this combination isn't more common — sure, it's hard to pull off, but if you have the longevity to do so, it's one of the best blasters in the game. Kudos for my 3+ K/D ratio, DL-18, Kudos.

Number 7Edit

Number 6Edit

Number 5Edit

Number 4Edit

X-8 Night Sniper Blaster Pistol text X-8 Night Sniper Blaster Pistol text hover

X-8_Night_Sniper_stats.svgX-8 Night Sniper blaster

Enter the X-8 Night Sniper. With a design that's deceptively petite, albeit a name that's deceptively elite, this blaster pistol is sure to uphold to its many surprises. Let this thing scare you and it'll become the Star Wars reincarnation of Agent J's Midget Cricket in Men In Black. But that's barely scratching the surface of how cool this dastardly thing is: it's Superman. No, literally, it has HEAT VISION. I know, right? When aiming down sights with this little thing, all infantry will flash a light blue. Cool or what? Uh, I mean, HEAT OR WHAT.

Pointless you say? Horrible stats you say? Looks like you already know why I love this thing.

I'm hooked — tell me more!
In using the X-8 Night Sniper, you'll know right off the bat that it has a pretty slow Rate Of Fire and, outside of this, it's generally a jack of all trades. Think Blaster Pistol A180: it isn't bad in any situation in particular, but isn't great in any, either. On the contrary, it has a great muzzle velocity, range, solid damage (40 up to 20m, which gradually goes down to a minimum of 25 at 40m), not to mention that its scope, while useless on the surface, can be amazing when used correctly. For example, when used through a Smoke Grenade, enemies cannot see you — but you can see them. Sharpshooter trait makes this thing dominate, and I've had plenty of games where I've thrown this thing down and killed 5 enemies in a row purely because I stuck to its strengths and played it strategically. But as you'll find with most blasters, being bound to a single Star Card to actually get some use out of it can hurt — especially when it's a Smoke Grenade, which just so happens to be completely passive, hinders teammates, and on the whole is pretty underutilised.

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