Muse Spectrum
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Name Amora Evans (real name)
Muse Spectrum (as a Muse)
Gender Female
Birthday Not revealed...yet
Age 13 1/3
Hobbies Anything artsy (in real life)
Beating the living heck out of psycho monsters (as a Muse)
Occupation Muse
Height 5' 5 1/2"
Game Status
Film Status

Muse Spectrum is the third Muse to be introduced in the Lucidity arc of the game series, and the alter ego of Amora Evans. Her representative song on Zenith's debut album is Rainbow; as one might expect from her name, her powers revolve around color.

Weapons Edit

  1. Muse Spectrum Staff (her main weapon)
  2. A mechanical paintbrush-knife created especially for her by Muse Chronos

Battle Moves Edit

  1. ROY G. BIV (the Muse Spectrum Staff begins firing colorful beams of light at enemies at the rate of one per half-second; they take only 2 hit points each, but the amount that can be fired is unlimited)
  2. Palette Knife (her paintbrush-knife (see Weapons section), after you have achieved a hit combo of 40 or more, will slash the nearest 10 enemies and kill them instantly)
  3. Power of Ten (a joint attack with the other nine Muses; can first be used after unlocking Muse Epos)

  1. Abstract Art (disorients all enemies within a 25-foot radius for 10 seconds)
  2. Arco Iris (creates a protective barrier around you and one other Muse; if an enemy touches it, they become paralyzed for a full minute)

Signature Phrases Edit

  • "Muse Spectrum Evolution!" (when she transforms)
  • "The world ain't entirely black & white, you know! There's color in it, too!"