Muse Clarity
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Name Candice Allen (real name)
Muse Clarity (as a Muse)
Gender Female
Birthday Not revealed...yet
Age 13 4/5
Hobbies Drawing, listening to Zenith (in real life)
Beating the living heck out of psycho monsters (as a Muse)
Occupation Muse
Height 5' 5"
Game Status
Film Status

Muse Clarity is the fifth Muse to be introduced in the Lucidity arc of the game series, and the alter ego of Candice Allen. Her representative song on Zenith's debut album is Lucidity; "lucidity" and "clarity" are synonymous, hence her Muse name.

Weapons Edit

  1. Muse Clarity Staff (her main weapon)
  2. Anything bright and/or shiny

Battle Moves Edit

  1. Frozen Waves (a beam of blue light from the Muse Clarity staff whips the nearest two enemies, taking 15 hit points each)
  2. Insanity (an upgraded version of Frozen Waves; it whips up to seven enemies and takes 20 hit points each!)
  3. Power of Ten (a joint attack with the other nine Muses; can first be used after unlocking Muse Epos)

  1. Blurriness (disorients all enemies within twenty feet of you for ten seconds)
  2. Moment of Clarity (all nearby Muses have 15 health points restored)

Signature Phrases Edit

  • "Muse Clarity Evolution!" (when she transforms)
  • "I know why I'm fighting, so quit saying I don't!"