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Muse Chronos
Background information
Television programs
Video games Muse: The Lucidity Arc
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators KC
Voice Lizzie Abraham
Performance model
Designer KC (again)
Inspiration Time-Turner (Track 1 on Zenith's Lucidity)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Summer Corina Weeks
Other names Muse Chronos
Personality Mostly solemn and serious; extremely loyal to what she believes in
Birthday [to be confirmed by MDEI]
Occupation Student, assistant mechanic, Muse
Affiliations The Lucidity Muses
Goal Defend Zenith, lead a relatively normal life, graduate high school and college and become an engineer
Home Texas
Relatives Haydn Weeks (father)
Alyssa Weeks (deceased mother)
Hera Weeks (younger sister)
Allies The other Muses
Enemies The Dissonants
Likes Mechanical engineering, electronic dance music (Zenith especially), science fiction novels
Dislikes Haters, scorpions
Powers and abilities Time manipulation
Weapons The Muse Chronos Staff, as well as a broken stopwatch she tends to keep in her right jean pocket
Fate Alive
Quote "Muse Chronos Evolution!" (transformation phrase)

Muse Chronos is the first Muse to be introduced in the Lucidity arc of the game series, and the alter ego of Summer Weeks. Her representative song on Zenith's debut album is Time-Turner; fittingly, her powers (and her Muse name) revolve around time.

Weapons Edit

  1. Muse Chronos Staff (her main weapon)
  2. A broken stopwatch she always keeps in her right jean pocket (and chucks at someone's head every now and then)

Battle Moves Edit

  1. Ripple Effect (all nearby enemies become temporarily disoriented and lose 20 hit points)
  2. Speed of Light (a special action that can only be performed after making a hit combo of 50 or more; for this move, the Muse Chronos Staff releases a quick burst of deadly light that annihilates every enemy in a half-mile radius; everything else, fortunately, is left unaffected, meaning that you can continue playing afterwards)
  3. Power of Ten (a joint attack with the other nine Muses; can first be used after unlocking Muse Epos)

  1. Time Freeze (all nearby enemies become frozen in place for approximately one minute)
  2. Speeding Clock (all other nearby Muses gain a temporary 15% increase in their attack speed)

Signature Phrases Edit

  • "Muse Chronos Evolution!" (when she transforms)
  • "I will defend Zenith, even if it means my very life!"