Muse Blade
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Name Maya Sybil (real name)
Muse Blade (as a Muse)
Gender Female
Birthday Not revealed...yet
Age 12 1/2
Hobbies Gymnastics, drawing pictures of bears (in real life)
Beating the living heck out of psycho monsters (as a Muse)
Occupation Muse
Height 5' 5"
Game Status
Film Status

Muse Blade is the second Muse to be introduced in the Lucidity arc of the game series, and the alter ego of Maya Sybil. Her representative song on Zenith's debut album is Raze It Down; since "raze" means "to tear down; demolish", or, in some cases, "to shave or scrape off", most of her attacks involve cutting or destroying things. In addition, an odd connection the song has to bears has given her unusual ursine instincts.

Weapons Edit

  1. Muse Blade Staff (her main weapon)
  2. A broken CD case
  3. Just about any sharp object you give her (preferably a razor blade with a hint of rust)

Battle Moves Edit

  1. Ursa Minor (the Muse Blade Staff releases three claw-like beams of light that target a specific enemy and take 10 hit points each)
  2. Ursa Major (a more powerful version of Ursa Minor; releases ten beams that each target a different enemy and take 30 hit points!)
  3. Power of Ten (a joint attack with the other nine Muses; can first be used after unlocking Muse Epos)

  1. Mother Bear (creates a protective barrier around you and one other Muse that instantly kills any enemy who touches it)
  2. Shave It Up (deflects up to five enemy attacks)

Signature Phrases Edit

  • "Muse Blade Evolution!" (when she transforms)
  • "Fierce like a bear and sharp like a razor! Look out, haters, 'cause Blade's coming!"