Muse: The Lucidity Arc
Lucidity Arc logo
Game Status
Publisher MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.
Developer MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.
Released September 2, 2015
Genre(s) Fantasy
Modes Story Mode (regular gameplay)
Sandbox Mode (unlocked after completing Story Mode; title says it all)
OC Mode (an extension of Sandbox Mode)
Ratings 11/10 (average critical rating)
Platforms Techno
Series Muse
Predecessor none
Successor [title of next game to be confirmed]

The Lucidity Arc is the first arc of the Muse game metaseries. It was released on September 2nd, 2015, to celebrate the 26th birthday of the celebrity music producer Zenith (who signed a contract with MDEI just so they could have the arc named after her debut album).


During a concert, a twenty-six year-old DJ going under the stage name Zenith is nearly attacked by a group of shadowy, music-hating beings. However, she is saved by a radiant corporeal light who can control the elements and looks suspiciously like a teenage girl. Now safe on the roof of a building, she asks the "girl" who "she" is, to which "she" responds with, "I cannot tell you now."

Then the "girl" speaks a sort of prophecy: "Ten girls, ten aliases, one allegiance; when found, they will have power beyond ordinary comprehension and an undivided loyalty to you, Zenith."

She then disappears, leaving Zenith highly confused...and stuck on the roof of a building.



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