Name Lucidity
Artist Zenith (and all the people she collaborated with)
Released October 2, 2012
Recorded All the other months of 2012
Length 45:51 (Standard Edition)
61:00 (Deluxe Edition)
Produced Outerspan Records

Lucidity is the debut album of the EDM artist Zenith, and is also the original source of inspiration for the first arc of the Muse game series.

Track List Edit

Standard Listing Edit

  1. Time-Turner (feat. ELIZA)
  2. Raze It Down
  3. Rainbow (feat. Matthias Coma)
  4. Confused In The Ocean (feat. Bryan Teddy)
  5. Lucidity (feat. Vulpes)
  6. Coder-Decoder
  7. Cache
  8. Trip Into The Air (feat. Kellie Silvering)
  9. Stalk You Up (feat. Dim Lamps)
  10. Epic Poetry

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks Edit

  1. Slumber Party (feat. Bailey Wilson of Loverre)
  2. Press Start (feat. Maria Giant)
  3. Living (feat. Tenochtitlan)
  4. Perspiring (Zenith Remix)

Notes Edit

  • The original Perspiring was performed by Spillitz & The Windows; Zenith merely remixed it.

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