Keisū Denkō
電効 計数 (Denkō Keisū)
Background information
Television programs Clear 14
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names "Ellie"
Personality Reclusive
Appearance(s) A shadowy face on a laptop screen
Birthday An unknown day and month in 2293 (age 12 at "death")
Occupation Maiagaru Umō's digitized sidekick
Relatives Deceased parents
Allies The Clear 14 (especially Maiagaru Umō)
Likes Being left alone
Dislikes Feeling like a freak
Powers and abilities Finding out random tidbits of information without being traced
Weapons Herself
Fate Biologically dead, digitally immortal
Quote "I used to hate physical pain. Now, I'll do anything to feel it again."
Keisū Denkō (電効 計数, Denkō Keisū) is the friend and sidekick of Maiagaru Umō, also known as the Eighth Clarity. The two of them had known each other for five years prior to their escape from the labs Umō was created and Denkō rendered immortal in.


Early lifeEdit

Denkō was born to a government official in 2293—one year after Umō was successfully conceived using IVF—at Mizuno Hospital in the Futōmeina Republic.

Elementary YearsEdit

She attended elementary school at Makoto Academy, an all-girls private school in one of the most secure parts of the Republic.

When she was seven, she met Umō for the first time, and the two of them soon became friends.


When Denkō was twelve, she and her father were driving when they were involved in a wreck. Her father was killed from the debris, but, though she was comatose, she survived. Because the Pact of Orphans didn't apply to the children of people in the government, she couldn't be instead her mind was uploaded to "Ellie", a compact super-computer, so that she could live on.


A few days after the wreck, she and Umō escaped from the labs and flew away from Second Tokyo, eventually being found by the Clear 14 (who were just the Clear 7 at the time.)

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