Jahan Madani
Jahan Madani
Background information
Television programs Sound Runner
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Usually talkative; violent when provoked; powerful and demanding
Appearance(s) Black hair, dark eyes, olive skin, usually dressed formally
Birthday June 18, 2129 (age 17)
Alignment Good
Affiliations The Hardplayers
Goal Wetson Incorporated
Home Nowhere
Relatives Unnamed parents
Yasmin Madani
Powers and abilities "Beat-Sonic" (the ability to manipulate sound waves)
Quote "You ain't going rough enough."
Jahan Madani is one of the two protagonists of the Sound Runner television series (the other being her sister, Yasmin Madani). Biologically, she is of both Persian and American descent.


Early yearsEdit

Jahan and Yasmin were "born" at Wetson Incorporated—located in Sacramento, California—on June 18, 2129, as part of a genetic engineering experiment. Prior to their "births", scientists had tampered with their DNA and developing brains, giving them "Beat-Sonic"—the ability to manipulate sound waves with their minds and hands.

They were raised by the organization—who hoped they could be used as weapons to take down the current world leaders (though the sisters didn't know this)—for several years. At age 11, however, they were smuggled out of the lab by Dr. Kristin Spectrus, a rogue Wetson scientist who opposed the organization's plans. Spectrus was killed escaping, though Yasmin and Jahan managed to save themselves by getting lost in a forest. In the forest, they met Mina Downer—leader of the Hardplayers—who, after some debate and consensus, allowed them to join her.

The Hardplayers went undiscovered for six years...then everything changed after Mina was kidnapped.

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