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Infinity Monsters
Game Status
Publisher MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.
Developer MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.
Released Eighteenth November, 2026
Genre(s) RPG
Modes -
Ratings 8.9, IMDb, 8.8, Rotten Tomatoes, 8.7, Gaming Mag, 9.4, Scribble Gaming
Platforms Techno
Series Infinity Monsters
Predecessor -
Successor Infimon: Obsidian

Infinity Monsters (or usually seen as Infimon in slang terms) is a British Role playing genre game (RPG) founded by MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.. Infimon began as a small series of spinoff games to help advertise the company worldwide, eventually morphing into a video game series, and eventually into an animated television series, launched in over ten countries. The term 'Infimon' is derived as 'Infinity Monsters', referring to the slogan, One protagonist. One game. Infinite posibilities.. Although several spinoffs have been launch to help contribute to the games' popularity, many treat the series to only feature two games, commonly known as the 'Main-series games.'. Eventually the original company MopDoppler Entertainment Inc. registered a new company to manage the games, as the company claims that 'it was hard to keep the series going with out expanding franchises', naming the company as InfimonCO.


The main Infimon games all revolve around the strategic manipulation of fauna, known as Infimon, hence the series' name. In the games, the protagonist takes the role of a male or feminine human, usually portrayed and seen as around the age of twelve, acquiring their greatest dream - an Infimon. The protagonist then sets off on a journey, usually with one of their closest friends, despite the academic rivalry mentioned by the player's parent earlier within the game. In every main series game, the protagonist gets a choice out of three Infimon to accompany them on their upcoming journey - each depicting an element, mainly known as an Infimon type. The choices revolve around many simple elements, of Life, Chaos, and fire. A person acquiring an Infimon, usually seen as a partner, receives the license of an Infimon Trainer.

Using their first Infimon, the first partner of the maximum of six, the portagonist is now free to wander the regional area, in which they collect licences from the ten training hubs to receive recognition to battle the Mighty Six, a small group of trainers usually seen as veterans for their extreme experience in training. Upon the Mighty Six' defeat, the player acquires the name of the 'bureaucrat', then gaining access to other areas and domains; to train, to defeat the Mighty Six once again.

Infimon are disposed in cage-like supplies known to trainers alike as 'Capsules', and the method of obtaining other Infimon are by attacking them, using non-physical or physical attacks, weakening the opposing wild Infimon, making them scarce and uneasy for battle, contributing to the chances of catching them. Every Infimon has an energy gauge, commonly known to players alike as the 'EP bar', a feature only visible to the player during battle or whilst viewing the player's Infimon in their capsule inventory, a backpack-like supply that every protagonist carries to view their Infimon. A limit of six Infimon can be carried by the protagonist whilst travelling, and may be stored in an a department known as an 'InfiBank', a small area where the protagonist may depart to store any unwanted or unused Infimon. If the player catches an Infimon with Six Infimon, the device known as the 'InfiTransfer' comes into hand, a device that enables the user to transfer the caught Infimon to the local InfiBank. If all of the player's Infimon receive defeat, the protagonist must hand a certain dose of money to the winner, and must depart to a local 'Infi-rmary', a department used solely to heal fallen Infimon at no cost.


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