An extract from Darreled Kenny's diary

School was over. It was finally the holidays. The summer holidays. As soon as school was over, I rang my girlfriend, Cyndy, and told her I was having a party. She said that she was gonna be right here, but on one condition. The worst condition ever.

She had to bring her friend's weird brother.

It was about five 'o' clock when the people started to arrive, and Cyndy and her friend and her friend's brother were first. The boy seemed pretty shy, so I figured if I locked him in the cupboard now, he wouldn't mess up a thing. Obviously, Cyndy already had forseen the chances of me doing that, so she shepherded me up the stairs, into my bedroom, and told me not to. Of course, I did. Apparently the kid was actually SIXTEEN, just a few months younger than me. His name was also "Kuacki", so I couldn't help doing some duck actions when I said his name out loud. He was EVEN moving into my exact class for Year Eleven. Darn, I've got this weirdo to deal with. So I locked him into the cupboard, and he didn't say a word. He just stared at me. I almost opened the cupboard door because his moustache made me tingle. I wanted to touch it, so bad. So my friend Perry came and brought this tablet with a high quality camera, and it was amazing. We basically took photos of every good moment scattered around the event, and holy cheese, in forty years time, I can't wait to look at these. As my parents were away for the weekend, Perry and Cyndy decided to chill over at my place. So we decided to play Spin The Bottle with a bunch of Cyndy's friends, about five guys and twelve girls. I had to kiss the guy sitting next to me, Ray Noels, about eight times before him and a bunch of other people started to pack up their stuff and go home. Finally, I thought, I can kiss some hot girls. Obviously, we played until only me and Perry were the only remaining guys when we decided to play Truth Or Dare. Half of the people went out to smoke a cigarette, including Cyndy before we started, leaving only me, Perry and a bunch of other girls. I barely survived Truth Or Dare before I admitted I still have and write in a Diary, and write it online in extracts on this thing called Wikia. Everyone except me, Perry and Cyndy were left. Obviously, we decided to pack it in for the night as it was like four in the morning.

My tummy fizzed. I'd forgotten about Kuacki.