An extract from Darreled Kenny's Diary

The school was doing this summer holidays school thing, almost like a summer school, except you don't have to show your ugly face there every day. So basically I have to show up at about one in the afternoon, and I'm guessing that means Kuacki has to come with me. Surprisingly, when we got there, I saw a bunch of other kids there, but Mr. Crow, my old English teacher, told me to meet him in his office, because my grades were really crap. I told Kuacki to wait outside. "Your grades aren't good enough! You must practice!" he said, his big moustache making him mumble.

I sneered and walked out.

He just handed me some homework, so I just gave the load to Kuacki to karate chop it in half, and drop it on the floor. I saw a bunch of the school bullies forming a circle around Kuacki and I. I felt awkward. They started teasing Kuacki, and I told them to bug off. They obviously ignored and proceeded. Kuacki started to cry. I pushed Graham Hill over, for insulting his parents, so they obviously tried to beat me up. I kinda felt heroic, but not after I couldn't do a thing about the bullies and Kuacki, since Graham Hill retaliated and threw me out of the circle. When I got up, the bullies were gone, but Kuacki, I saw him lying there. I think he was unconscious, but his moustache was telling me that he wasn't. He had a black eye, too. I had to piggy back him to my place.

He sure had the weight of a piggy, for such a small dude.