Disclaimer: I don't own the song Find You, nor do I own the Divergent franchise. I also have no personal or social connections with any of the "Find You Four" (i.e. Zedd, Matthew Koma, Miriam Bryant, and Veronica Roth; term coined by Dragonleaf5678).

KCCreations (Talk) (Contributions)

One moment, Maria Zeddica Coma was relaxing in an ivory-white bathtub in her mansion on top of the coastal cliffs of California...

...but the next, she found herself drowning in an ocean of unnaturally turquoise water.

Oh my god...oh my god! What's happening?!

She couldn't breathe; she couldn't call for help; she couldn't move any part of her body—not even her eyes.

All she could do was feel the water pressure increase around her as she sank deeper and deeper into the depths of this watery abyss.


[not yet finished; will continue soon]