An extract from Darreled Kenny's diary

The school turned fifty. So did the percentage of my cares.

All the tests were out of the way, so I decided to just sit through our 'party' for my school's anniversary. So what? My mum's older than that! No party for her, like she'd survive one anyway. Anyway. So we had all these crappy 20p Store balloons, fifty of them, and fifty kids got to hold them. Guess what? Half of them popped BEFORE we let them into the air. Then we had to sing all these broken up songs from Frozen, and of course, you guessed it, Let it go. The teachers made us start swaying for some unknown reason, and she forced me to do it. After half a second, all the girls started laughing at me and she told me to get out. Great. I was the only one that hated that teacher, AND my being in the class. They started to read out all the stuff they were going to put in it, and I couldn't help craving to throw up after about half of them were announced. Some batteries. What. The. HECK? A lollipop. Who's going to want to eat that? There was tons more. The only one that was memorable, (not in a good way) was a MINIATURE version of the actual time capsule. Sure, the girls thought it was cool, including my girlfriend, Cyndy. Sure, it was pretty cool - I admit - but still, junk. Anyways, after that, the Headteacher made the announcement that it was lunch, but we were having it OUTSIDE. Holy cheese. It brought back tons of memories from this thing called 'The Teddy Bears Picnic'. Bad memories.