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I Want You to Know

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Transcript Edit

DC (narrating): My name is, like last time, Oliver. It's been three days since all that CSS chaos you saw in the previous film happened, and right now—

(Zedd's Clarity starts playing out of nowhere)

KC: [from offscreen] Whaa...? [pauses] That isn't my phone! I swear! Wait...WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING HERE?! [distant, hurried footsteps are heard]
DC: Then what is it?!
Cleaner: Anything is possible!
DC: ... [facepalms self] I knew we were forgetting someone...
Cleaner: Anything is possible!
DC: [thinks to self] If he weren't the digital counterpart of a world-famous celebrity, I would slap him right now...
Cleaner: What can I do for you?
DC: You can leave.
Cleaner: Anything is possible! [leaves]
DC: Anyways...[turns to face audience] it's been three days since all that CSS chaos you saw in the previous film happened, and right now, I'm trying to forget about it. But it's hard. What you just saw was one of my hallucinations. [clears throat] However, it's not impossible to forget about it. All I have to do is talk a lot. And that's where Chat comes in handy.

(Camera fades to a brief external shot of DC's house, then cuts to him on the computer)

DC: What? No way! [sends KC a wide-eyed face]
KC: Yes way! I'm going to his concert tonight! [sends DC dancing emoji over Chat]
DC: Promise me you'll buy a T-shirt in my honor, okay? [sends KC a smiley face emoji]
KC: Wynaut. [sends derp face emoji]

Meanwhile, inside the confines of the Fan Creations Wiki's code...

Muse Stache: Hammer?
Muse Codec: Check. [hands Stache a hammer]
Muse Stache: [bangs a piece of JavaScripted metal into place] Lithium-ion battery?
Muse Codec: Check. [hands Stache a lithium-ion battery]
Muse Stache: [inserts battery into a small slot on the side of her invention] iTunes copy of that new Zedd and Selena Gomez single?
Muse Codec: Check. [hands Stache an iPod containing Zedd and Selena Gomez's I Want You to Know]
Muse Stache: [turns the song up to maximum volume, then turns it back down] Finally, after countless exhausting hours, my work is done!
Muse Codec: Tara, it's only been three days.
Muse Stache: BUT STILL, IT'S DONE!

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