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Fan Creations Wiki: The Second Installment is the sequel to Fan Creations Wiki: The Movie. It is the second official film dedicated to the wiki, featuring most of the characters from the previous film, plus some new ones.


Major CharactersEdit

New CharactersEdit


The film begins with a random introduction that involves KC, DC, the cleaner from the previous film, and a copy of Zedd's Clarity. (See the transcript for more details.)

Approximately three days after the events of the previous film, DC finds himself chatting with KC over Chat. After what had happened those days before, he'd decided to take a break from the CSS, taking the time he would've spent coding and using it for conversing with one of his "fellow random peoples and creators."

Meanwhile, within the confines of the Fan Creations Wiki, Muse Codec is working with Muse Stache on a new (unnamed) invention.



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