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Theme song plays...

DC: [On the computer] Yeah-ah! Sactage, Jr Mime, Gguigi1, Avingnon and Agent Spy are going to help me! Oh boy! [Sends happy face on the Community Central Chat]
DC: Okay, so, this should work...Right, guys? [Publishes tested CSS code]
DC: Uh...Guys?
DC: [Red light flashes and beeps] Wh-at-the?! Delete! Backspace! Undo! [Internet connection fails] What the?! Connect to the internet! Connect!
Voice activated robot: Do you wish to connect to the network?
DC: Yes-no-yes! Wait...oh yeah, yes! Yes! Please, yes!
Voice activated robot: Play: Samba Muso?
DC: Yes-no, wait, no! No!
Voice activated robot: Playing: Samba Muso. [Music turns on]
DC: [Sighs] Shut down all systems... [Computer shuts down]
DC: [Sighs] [Happily:] Now turn back on! [Computer turns on] [Goes on the Fan Creations Wiki]
DC: WHAT THE?! [Frets] The pages? 12 pages? What?!
Stereotypical Stereo: [Plays scary music]
Bruno Northstar: Hello, Master DC.
Bruno: There's more of us here, too, bro.
Callum Waterson: Hi, DC.
DC: C-ccall-umm? Y-you t-too?! What are you guys doing here?
Bruno: We though it would be cool to come out of the monitor, dude.
Callum: [Murmurs] Shut up, Bruno. He meant to say that wiki has had a 'CSS overload'.
DC: A what?
Callum: A CSS overload. You know, when a wiki has too much CSS it all, just, gives way?
Bruno: Everyone else is here too. Open the curtains, man.
Bruno: A dream come true, we know, bro.
Callum: And look on your desk.
DC: Bæ! Luke's gonna be so happy!
Bruno: And on the floor. It'll like, floor you, bro.
DC: Woah! I've seen you! You're that cat that beat Mr. Obama up! You're my hero!
DC: Uh, guys. Why is there a whole in the ceiling?
Bruno: Heh...those darn Nina Sisters...
DC: Wait a sec...does this mean, like, the New World Imperium and Boris Geist exist too?!
Callum: Unfortunately, yes. Luckily, though, it's going to be easy to beat those guys. We have Luna and her clan to help us, and you know, you can design weapons and stuff to arm all of us 'happy' people.
Bruno: Uh, Callum, correction: 'cool' people.
Callum: Oh, whatever.
Cache: [Zooms around] Beep, beep, boo!
DC: Woah...So wait, I can bring the digital world into reality?
Callum: You sure can, as long as that CSS is there.
Bruno: ...You can also bring reality into the digital world. [Winks at DC]
DC: [Gives a darkened smile]
Bruno: Uh, dude, Jeff the Killer isn't supposed to be here.
DC: He is.
Luna: [Knocks Jeff out] You're welcome.
Bruno: [Whispering to Callum] Woah, she's sexy. You gotta admit.
Callum: [Whispering to Bruno] Oh fine, she is.
Internet advertisement: Would you like to date thirteen Swedish girls at once? Well click here, you lonely friend.
Callum: Okay, don't overdo it.
DC: Come on, I'm removing internet viruses.
Callum: Let Google do that. [Winks]
KC: Whaa...where am I? [looks around] [her eyes rest on DC] Well, shave it up and call me Clarity! Is that you, DC?
DC: KC?! But...but how...?
KC: [starts talking really fast] I don't know, to be honest. I was just watching this awesome video—it's called Moment of Clarity. It's approximately twenty-eight and a half minutes of RANDOM ZEDD EPICNESS! Have you seen it before? I think I linked it to you over Chat once...if that's really you—then...poof! I was here! Was it the Zedd? Am I hallucinating? Am I hallucinating because of the Zedd? And you're shorter than I imagined you'd be. [puts on a derp face]
DC: [thinks to self] Yep, that's KC all right. [random pause] OH MY GOSH! I HAVE THE BEST IDEA EVER!

Two minutes later...

Cleaner: [to DC] Anything is possible! What would you like me to do for you?
KC: [to the cleaner] You look a lot like someone I like...
DC: [to KC] You're welcome. [smiles] And Mr. Zaslavski, don't copy my copied phrase! It's my thing!
KC: That's Zedd, isn't it?
Cleaner: I prefer to go by Annie.
KC: ...
DC: :D
KC: Okay then. [turns to DC] He adopted our nickname for him...THIS IS FREAKING SCARY!
DC: [smiles like the Cheshire Cat]
DC: Anyway, Mr. Zaslavski, prepare us dinner. It's only eight 'o' clock and I'm starting to get tired...
Cleaner: Yes sir. Remember anything is possible!
DC: Yeah, sure. [Gives a sarcastic smile] Oh yeah, make sure you make some for the, [counts the number of people in his house] twelve other peop- things, too.
Cleaner: Done!
KC: Wow...that was fast.
Cleaner: Anything is possible!

Four hours later...

DC:'s only 12am! [Falls asleep on computer keyboard]
Boris Geist: [Peeks out of DC's ceiling] Hehe, if I can just get the DNA of this kid, I can control any digital object! I will bring creepypastas into reality! And most importantly, the New World Imperium will rise above all other! [Evil laugh] [falls from the ceiling] But first, I need my baby milk. Wait, what's that outside?! [Flees from the building]
[Wakes up] Holy mother of holy mother! Mariana Volumoso too? And what is she doing with that pyroblaster? Almost as sexy as Luna, huh. And what the- is that Muse Spectrum and Muse Blade? And what are they doing with my hedges?! [Shouts out of the window] What are you doing? You're going to wake up the whole of Britain doing that!!
Mariana Volumoso: ...Oh, Muse Chronos has froze time for everyone else. We can do whatever, for as long as that CSS stands. Oh and, remember, some of the stuff you've created is bad. And, you know, Muse Chronos can't keep time frozen forever, in fact, you've only got twenty-one more hours until time will unfreeze. Some of the stuff that's come out of that computer is bad though, you know, so you're going to have to destroy it before 9pm tomorrow.
DC: I truly the chosen one? [Eyes enlarge]
Mariana Volumoso: No, you just went crazy with a bunch of coding junk and you've made a mess of everything.
DC: holy...
Mariana: Sure...
DC: [Wakes up KC]
KC: Uh, what...Zedd? Is that you, honey?
DC: Sure.
KC: [Gets up] Ohai, DC.
DC: KC! Snap out of it! We need to design some costumes! On the double!

[Eye of the tiger plays]

DC and KC: [Design costumes]
Everyone: [Garage door opens] [Everyone stands strong wearing constumes]
DC and KC: Let's fight these guys!
Everyone: [Cheers and runs out of DC's garage]

[Shiggy Iggy plays without vocals]

Chester Cat: Donut enter! [Pounces at New World Imperium Guard]
Muse Blade: Raze it down! Raze it down! Raze it down! Raze it down! Raze it down! [slashes guard]
Mickey Finaj: I don't chair, I love it! [Throws a chair at a guard]
Bruno Northstar: Hey DC, why is Mickey shooting chairs out of his gun?
DC: Audino, I dunno! [Whacks guard with a chair]
Bruno: Oh. [Whacks guard with a chair]
'Thunder' in his bedroom: Why are Mum and Dad frozen in the spot? Weird. Welp, back to Pokémon. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool. [Looks out of window] COOL!
Bruno Northstar: Hey Chester, you seem pretty cool. Would you mind, like, giving your autograph?
Chester Cat: Noodles!
Bruno: what?
Bruno: Uh...yeah, well, see ya! [Runs off] [Phew] Phew.
KC: Hey DC, you seem to be pretty good at giving these enemies a 'whoppin'.
DC: Thanks, uh, I practice a lot with, well, my broom. [Roundhouse 'slashes' guard]
Zenith: I'm going to be completely honest here: I find it amazing that you somehow manage to stay attractive even after prison escapes, uprisings, and assassination attempts.
Mariana Volumoso: Says the girl who somehow manages to power aeroplanes with break beats.
Niss Nina: ...and I threw a dart containing a fart...Well, Satan did. [Punches guard and throws him at the wall]
Orasaki Nina: ...And I said, 'Oh, so you're gonna be like that?" and then he was like "Oh shut up" and then I was like "oh no she didn't" and then he was like "totally"! [Knocks guard out]
Boris Geist: I can't take this! They're dominating those nerds! [Slams hand on the desk] Send in the crusher!
Servant: Yes sir!
KC: Woah! What is that?!
DC: Looks to me like...a mutant sausage!
DC: Oh wait. That is a sausage.
DC: AHHHHHHH! It's a- uh, a robot! Yes, it's a robot! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
KC: But how are we supposed to stop Boris Geist?
DC: Leave it to the authorities!
KC: [Sighs]...Callum, what do we do?
Callum Waterson: I say we take it down!
Bruno Northstar: Yeah! We gotta! It's our only choice, bro!
KC: Well, I'm gonna have to design some more costumes.
Bruno: Good look with that!
Callum: Okay, I think we're starting to lose- imagine what's going to happen to DC if anyone finds out who the culprit is.
Bruno: Psh, yeah right. I'm leaving my friend John who works in the army a message of who did it and where he lives right now. You're welcome.
Callum: [Facepalms] You have human friends?
Bruno: I have a life outside of the homepage, y'know!
Callum: Wow. I'm learning something new every day.
KC: I'm finished!
Callum: Already?
Bruno: Well, duh Callum, remember, you're learning something new every day.
Callum: [Facepalms]
Bruno: You're welcome.
KC: Uh, guys, I built a cannon that shoots monkeys. Once they hit that robot, they'll start monkeying around. Geddit? DC taught me that one. Oh yeah, there's some in that flat where Boris is right now.

The camera turns to the monkeys on the inside of the building, where they can be seen keeping occupants as hostages.

KC: I also made some other stuff too, like lamethrowers and bon bombs.
Bruno: Where's the suits?
KC: Uh, suits? Well, I think I'm suited up, for the least. [Winks]
Callum: Well, whatever, I'm gonna go and stop Boris from finding DC. I'm pretty sure DC hasn't realised that there's a squad of villains following him at this moment. Come on Bruno, let's go save our creator!
Bruno and Callum: [Follow DC's footprints]
Bruno: [Pants] I never realised ten year-olds could go this far. Callum, carry me, I'm out of breath! [Jumps in the direction of Callum's arms]
Callum: [Moves]
Bruno: Ouch! Callum!
Callum: You're welcome.
Bruno: Haha, very funny.
Callum: Look, there he is! And Boris- he's right behind him! Quick, run!
Boris Geist: Hm- I just heard something. Probably just the wind. A-anyways, time to catch this kid.
Bruno: Waaiii-yah! [Pounces on Geist]
Boris: What the- kill him!
Guard: [Shoots]
Callum: Bruno! No! You killed my best friend!
Bruno: [Smiles] Haha, got you dude! Wow, I never knew I was you're best friend. I'm learning something new every day. But seriously though, they're about to kill us.
Callum: [Attacks guard] Not on my watch!
Bruno: [Attacks other guards] Twelve down, one to go!
Boris: Hehe, I'm sure we can all work something out now, heh.
Callum: [Brings sword back, preparing to attack Geist]
DC: What the heck? Uh, what's going on, guys? Uh, Callum, why are you trying to kill me?
Callum: Oh, heh, not you.
Bruno: DC! Callum was trying to kill y-
Callum: [Covers Bruno's mouth] Now, back to where I was. Hi-yaaaah!
DC: Uh, Callum, it's cool. Also, it's seven. We can just have some fun with Geist until all you guys go back to Wiki.
Callum: What kind of fun?
DC: Hey KC, isn't this party great!
KC: You bet, DC! It's totally off the hook! What are your parents gonna do when everything goes back to normal though, may I ask?
DC: Well, I'll tell them that it was all a bad dream.
Boris: [Sigh]
Callum: Yo Boris, sorry for like, trying to kill you earlier. I hope you're enjoying the party!
Boris: [Moves close up to the robber ducky] Hey there, wanna go out? Well sure, I know, I'm pretty 'old' but I still know some 'dandy' stuff. They still say dandy nowadays, right?
Robber duck: [Eyes turn red]

To be continued.