This is the theme song that was showcased at the beginning of the film.

Vocals: Oliver Garcia and 'Madame KC'.

[Random music starts playing]

Wall: Look up.
Balloon: Look all around!
Wall: Look down.
Balloon: Look all around!
Bloody Knife: In your house.
Car: In the street.
Packaging: In your store.
Bacteria: We are stronger than before!
Flies: On this meat.
Hat: On your head.
[Unknown]: [Whispers] Under your toilet seat!
Thread: I'm here to help you thread! [Gets cut] And I'm dead.
Mother spoon: Honey, what do you want to wear?
Spoon: [Triumphantly] anywhere!
Straw: I like to twist and turn!
Coal: I like to burn! [Gets set afire]
Bin: [Boy throws cup in the bin] FEED ME MORE!
Brain: You're a bore.
Wall: I'm a wall.
Pink shopping bags: Let's go to the mall!
Shoes: [Owner runs around in the shoes and the shoes' dialogue comes out as rambling, since being shaked by every step]
Wall: I'm very tall.
Lips: [Stares at a girl's lips] Why haven't we kissed?
Tennis racquet: [Tennis ball is thrown, but misses the racquet] Hah! You missed! [Gets hit] Ow!
Pillow: You sleep like a baby.
Earbuds: Call me maybe!
Germs: Time to give you the flu!
Nose: Achoo!
Glasses: Most things don't meet the eye! [Crashes into lamp post]
Lamp post bulb: Try to be careful as you go by!
Bunch of flowers: We live, we love!
Mug: All of the above!
Wall: I'm a wall.
Nuke: And I'm a nuclear bo- [blows up]

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