Deleted Scene 1: Turn Up Your NightEdit

DC: Hey KC, isn't this party great!
KC: You bet, DC! It's totally off the hook! What are your parents gonna do when everything goes back to normal though, may I ask?
DC: Well, I'll tell them that it was all a bad dream.
Boris: [Sigh]
Zedd: [jumps onto stage] TURN UP YOUR NIGHT!
KC & DC: [in sync with each others' speech] HECK YESSSSSSS!
Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant: [jump onto stage as well]
Miriam Bryant: HIT IT, ANTON!
Matthew Koma: What she said!

[Zedd's Find You starts playing]

Matthew Koma & DC: Silent love is calling faith to shatter me through your hallways into echoes you c—

[Music freezes]

Everyone (except Luna): ...
Muse Blade: [glares at Luna] Listen, Cardison. I suggest you calm down before you regret it. Remember: I am the one and only Clarity Muse of Shave It Up. I am fierce like a bear and sharp like a razor. When haters are around...
KC (thinking to self): Shave It Up seriously is one of the most awkward song titles ever.
Muse Blade: ...and with them, I don't take "no" for an answer. Why? That is because—
Muse Chronos: [whips out Muse Chronos Staff and points it at Blade] TIME FREEZE!

[Golden light shoot out of staff and hits Muse Blade, who freezes in place]

Muse Chronos: [puts staff back into sheath] You can thank me later.
KC: But for now...

[Music starts playing again]

Miriam Bryant: Yeah you always make me go, go, go, go, go, go...
Everyone (except Muse Blade): TURN UP YOUR NIGHT!
Boris: [Moves close up to the robber ducky] Hey there, wanna go out? Well sure, I know, I'm pretty 'old' but I still know some 'dandy' stuff. They still say dandy nowadays, right?
Robber duck: [Eyes turn red]