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Fan Creations Wiki: The Movie is the official film dedicated to the Fan Creations Wiki, featuring its rich cast of characters.

The film received almost no utilized or official rewards until early 2016; when the film was granted recognition to advertise, thus giving publicity to the wiki it was symbolising.

In later 2017, Fan Creations Wiki: The Video Game was released, again animated by MopDoppler Entertainment Inc.'s animation team,[2] back then known as the 'Former Alliance of Aspiring Animators and Former Zeddicts', hosting two users concealed by the names 'DC' and 'KC'[3].


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

Musical CharactersEdit


The complex plotline focuses and is dependant on the structure of the story, why CSS is not to be played with, the phrase once formerly seen as the name of the film.


With many shenanigans going on, with the wiki sprinting from theme to theme, a boy by the name of 'DC' adds CSS with the help from friends, only to find that most of it wasn't really working. As he began testing some code, he notices a slight error infamously memorable.

As he noticed it, he immediately springs back to revert his dastardly edit, only to find masses of pages missing. Where were they? Right behind him.

He began to hear some worrying music: perfectly satisfying for his pressuring being. As he finally tweaks his head, he sees a small, stereo-looking figure, booming with the music that was dancing within the brink and climates of his ears. He switches it off, with a towering, purple being hiding beneath the depths of his desk. When he interacts, the figure begins to disorder and smile, flustering DC with a streak of fright. He then realises what's happening...a small, white figure...and I mean figure lay sitting upon the brink of his desk, and this time, he knew he wasn't crazy; he hated amiibo and forced himself to vanquish and liquidate any feelings toward the controversial brand.

Bæ! he gasped, with a small cat nibbling at his numb toes.

I've seen you!, he began with exclamation, You're that cat that beat Mr. Obama up! You're my hero!

With both confusion, surprise and happiness, he thrust his gaping window open, only to see a robotic, hovering creature scuttling for metals, he realised that his dreams had been fulfilled...he brought the digital world into reality.

With his new ability, he began adding more cautious and even treacherous things to his humble abode, such as Mudkipz, Jeff The Killer and 🐙. He was later appointed by a newly-acquired friend, 'KC', into liking Zedd, a musician (not a singer, never get the two mixed up), thus beginning his Zeddicthood, even bringing a digital version of Zedd to live in his house as a cleaner: as he would always go by the quote of the amazing, yet-controversial Barbie, anything is possible!, except his ideals of the phrase did not involve any humour originating with animal dung as a source of entertainment.

But later, he finally realises why 'internet safety' is so heavily mentioned...

Four hours later, at midnight, he is exhausted and drifts to sleep...only to be woken up three hours later by the sound of battle. Rushing out of his home, he finds Mariana Volumoso shooting a group of aliens with her pyroblaster while Muse Spectrum helps Muse Blade trim some hedges into bear-like shapes with her Muse Blade Staff.

What are you doing?! DC yells at the three of them. You're going to wake up all of Britain doing that!!

Everyone pauses for a moment...then Mariana proceeds to explain that Muse Chronos had frozen time for everyone else in the world so that the "Fan Creations" (as they called themselves) could be free to roam the world without interference. Only then does DC realize just what he has caused to happen.

DC begins to find that he has officially 'overdone' it with CSS - and his browser can no longer take it, so the correct coding has made its way out, and the incorrect coding has made its way out too, but as disastrous things such as hurricanes - the wind replaced with letters of CSS vibrating- everywhere from what the eye can see.

DC adopts the feeling of- not horror- but happiness, and uses the correct CSS to his advantage - without coding it. Instead, he and a friend, KC began creating suits and weaponry for their fictional characters and began creating other fan-created characters, created to resemble battle-ready war machinery to help fend off the disastrous, and momentous thing - created by a ten year-old.

Character appearancesEdit

YAt least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot
BBackground appearance or an appearance where the character is not the focus
MNo appearance, but a mention by name or title
NNo appearance and no mention by name or title

Below is a chart of scripted characters who physically appeared in numerous scenes throughout the whole film. Only major characters appear in this chart.

Scenes 1-10
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bruno NorthstarYNNBYNYNYB
Callum WatersonYNNBNNYNYY

Below is another chart showcasing the character, an image portraying them, and their amount of scenes and mentions.

Character Image (if applicable) Scenes and mentions
Boris Geist No Image 13
Bruno Northstar Bruno northstar 38
Callum Waterson Callum 39
DC Memovie 72
KC KC 27

Memorable DialogueEdit













Theme songEdit


Trivial InformationEdit

  • It was aired on the twenty-second of January 2015 officially, whereas it was originally supposed to be the nineteenth.[1]
    • Once the original date was postponed, it was unclear as if the film was permanently cancelled for pre-release.
  • Only one scene was removed from the film upon completion, the scene portraying the Nina Sisters clawing a toy doll. The scene was removed as the doll bared in resemblance to several real-life people, therefore it was deleted.

Production notesEdit

  • The film was originally produced in English, but was changed to Latin-America as MopDoppler[6] announced that it was to be first launched in North America.


  • During one scene, a lamp is seen in the background of DC, then the camera moves to KC, then when the camera returns to DC, the lamp is nowhere to be found.

Deleted ScenesEdit

  • Several introductions had been fully-animated, with several of them not containing an introduction of DC's voice.
  • Several real life people were assigned to appear in the film, however, as the plotline had changed, their appearances were cut: instead, they worked on graphics and music.
  • An entire paragraph of the film that aired in the location of 'Thunder's' 'cool' mansion' was cut, instead, 'Thunder's' appearance was cut short and he appeared as a minor character, all due to plot alteration.


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  3. Short for 'KCCreations', KC's username on Wikia, today known as the origin of MopDoppler.
  4. Niss is given more dialogue than Orasaki
  5. No vocals were featured, however, the singer's voice is heard at the end with 'Thank you!'
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