Draw for fun is a game created by Dintento studios inc.


The game's logo

Story Edit

There was one a nice town called blank town, AKA the canvas world. It was a completely white world with stick people that look like they are drawn by a 3-year old. Once, suddenly, the bush next to the park was........GREEN!!!! Everybody panicked! People were turning (Trying not to be racist here) tan, super light, and brown! It was horror! The king told the last stick person standing to find all the magic crayons to trap their power to end this.

Worlds Edit

Spring field towns Edit

This world has 8 levels, 1 mini-boss and 1 boss. In this world you collect the light green crayon, and a piece of the green crayon.

The City Edit

This world has 10 levels, 2 mini-bosses and 1 boss. In this world you collect the rest of the green crayon, the light gray crayon, and a chunk of the gray crayon.

Forest Horrors Edit

This world has 12 levels,1 shop,and 1 super-boss. In this world you collect the rest of the gray crayon, the light brown crayon,and most of the brown crayon.

Spooky Rainforest Edit

This world has 16 levels, 1 boss,and 1 super-boss. In this world you collect the piece of the brown crayon, The yellow crayon, and a chunk of the eraser.

Snowy Funtimes Edit

This world has 21 levels and 2 super-bosses.In this world you collect the rest of the eraser,the white crayon and a chunk of the light blue crayon.

Deep Sea Ocean Edit

This world has 24 levels and 1 ultra-boss.In this world you collect the rest of the light blue crayon,the Dark blue crayon,and part of the white crayon.

Crayons Edit

Each crayon can draw something useful, although you have to use gloves to touch them as they will turn you into a human. Each crayon draws only one thing of that color, for Ex: The brown crayon cannot make blood.

To use a crayon, you will need the whole piece. If your crayon is used too much, it will get short. Eventually you will have to put it in the sharpener. Each crayon cost 5 tokens, 15 coins, or 1 ticket to sharpen.

Trivia Edit

  • Draw For Fun is a childhood game of the creator. He pretended his Mario toys were playing it.
  • Draw For Fun is a minor reference to Scribblenauts and Draw A Stickman Epic.

Consoles Edit

  • XBox
  • IPad 2, 3 and Air
  • PC
  • Android
  • Kindle Fire
  • 3DS
  • DS lite
  • Game Boy
  • Wii
  • Wii U

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