Darreled Kenny
Gender Male
Birthday July 1998
Age Sixteen
Height 5"11
Occupation Schoolboy

Darreled is a character from the Darreled series, a handful of extracts from Darreled Kenny's Diary, describing the endless shenanigans he has experienced. Darreled is the main character throughout his diary, as appearing in every extract there has been to date. Darreled is believed to be either sixteen or seventeen years old, as one of the diary extracts explains that he has left Year Ten. Many small facts have been tinted about him around his diary, such as the fact that he has a syndrome, etc. His height currently stands at 5"11, the height for an average eighteen year old.

Darreled's only known relations are his Uncle, Harvey[1], his sister, Darialea[2] and his Mother[3], who is currently unnamed.


Early LifeEdit

As a child, Darreled would always fantasize what he would aspire to be: a spaceman, a superhero, a superherb, or even a dog. With his unusual aspirations, many would laugh, for he adopted a new dream of becoming a writer. With his new wanting, he eventually began keeping a diary, sharing it with the internet, 'over this thing called Wikia'[4]. After sharing it, his 'series' entitled 'Darreled Kenny's Diary' sparked success as well as controversy, his new-found fame leading to a celebrity status.


Darreled Kenny originated from a small custom-maths question that his creator, Oliver Garcia found amusing as his name was unusual and 'hilarious'[5] and to prevent the chances of forgetting the character, Garcia noted his name, to eventually become a former image of a wiki that was founded by Garcia in November 2014, as a tribute to the 'unforgettable moment'[5].

List of appearancesEdit



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