The Cuttlesody is a rare sighting to any pedantic breeder such as myself. Possessing an evanescent pigmentation and constantly changing colours, it loves to deceptively seduce you in and disappear; catching it inundates you with happiness. Found deep in the heart of Cookie Crumb Canyon back in '79, it was discovered accidentally when a great explorer stumbled over, only to find a Cuttlesody at their feet. Ever since, it has been declared a rare specimen, with very few sightings - and they were in Scotland! Very little is known of their origin or purpose, save a few observations:

After being incubated in the nursery, sample indicates that it shares no other known monster species - it can only be found in dodgy sales or black markets. However, scientists are eager to surreptitiously experiment on them, to see what they can do. It's pretty sad, actually, which means that Cuttlesody monsters despise clinical areas or any kind of building. My research indicates that it enjoys specific kinds of trees, plants and other forms of nature. In other words, it loves anything pretty; the Prince Charles of nature.

Behaviour-wise, it seems to be rather omnibenevolent; it is very passive, and will never hesitate heal a monster with its mystical powers. However, it also seems to be rather egotistic, always using big words in Monster language like my great uncle (yes, the old crackpot can now only speak Monster). The darn thing thinks it's better than everything else (although I don't blame it)! Nonetheless, the Cuttlesody is the most benign of monsters you'll find.

Its egg seems to be imbued with elaborate leafy patterns, which serves to hint at its specific preference of location - if placed next to a hotel or some kind of modern facility, it will shut itself up and nuzzle its feet. Possibly one of the most picky creatures out there, it will immediately hate you if you do something minor that it finds tasteless. Breeders initially tried doggedly to get their monsters to reproduce (a rather laborious process), with no success, before finally finding that one cannot simply breed a Cuttlesody. Their sunken faces were some of the most disappointed and agitated faces, from what I've heard. (My book on how to get one seemed to be like a new dimension to them).

Oddly, its intricate patterns seemed to evoke past memories of my childhood. It was almost as if it had mystical powers: thinking about it now, in hindsight, I could almost feel them. How odd ...

The specific habitat for this creature is still unknown; they are believed to inhabit rocky crags and mountains, far away from the human eye.

The Cuttlesody is a monster unlike any other: it boasts extreme rarity and goes nonpareil for being the most irksome monster to get.


When initially activated, the Cuttlesody will be curled up in a ball and will do nothing. Until fed up to level 15, it will not chant its usual cry; its conditions also must be perfect, with at least 50% happiness and not placed next to any structure. The level 15 minimum can be bypassed through payment of 555 Diamond25px.png. Because of this, the Cuttlesody is considered a trophy among many players; a trophy and a constant reminder of the hard work put into it.

On the Gold Island, it can be placed promptly after feeding up to level 15 - there is no additional requirement or drawback.

Ethereal IslandEdit

On the Ethereal Island, it can be purchased for 50,000 Shard.png. Instead of needing to be at level 15, it must have max happiness and be placed next to the 4 items of preference.


After endeavouring the path of the Cuttlesody's dog days that one must incur, the Cuttlesody will attain new heights of evanescent, possibly denoting the Cuttlesody's rarity; it seems to be so hard to acquire that it is almost fading away.

Personality: benevolent, benign, ostentatious

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