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  • The Crakel, the first exclusive monster to the islandGo to The Crakel
  • The Crag Quarrister, the second exclusive monster to the island and the first monster to have a separate form, aside from a rare form
Large caverns and a quaint village on the horizon invited me to enjoy the serenity and tranquillity of the Crag Island. Peaceful music building up to a crescendo seduced me into exploring this interesting land; breathe in and out and enjoy the purple skyline, savour the intoxicating smell of the alluring rain, and the warm air - as palpable as cotton, you cannot let go of the eerily nice humidity. However, things can turn to turmoil when the little (or large) monsters arrive: the Crag Island's hushed atmosphere becomes enveloped in the noise of monsters doggedly doing the laborious job of 'singing' (or making a racket), like a dishwasher on overdrive.

The island's views are astonishing; overlooking an undulating countryside a hundred dozen meters below, it has enticed many plant-like monster species to travel to this land, and sing their eternal tumultuous uproar. However, my acrophobia got the better of me, and I was engulfed in trepidation!

The Crag Island is an island in My Singing Monsters, which represents a sandy element, as manifested by official descriptions of it. In animations of the island, the Crag Island is shown to be precipitous, unlike its in-game state, where it is rather flat, unvarying and uniform. According to a Big Blue Bubble Inc. blog post, they were in an interesting predicament when it came to the Island's release; My Singing Monsters' graphics and layout was in process of change and was prone to major alterations. Despite the game's positively volatile status, Big Blue Bubble executed all plans for the Crag Island and promptly began to program and design it, with it debuting as the first island to have a new design. It was released on October 9th, 2019.

Island descriptionEdit

Images: User:Dragonleaf5678 and User:Harmless Venom

The Crag Island is a plethora of exotic monsters; The Crakel, for instance, debuted on it. It is currently exclusive to the island. According to the My Singing Monsters Handbook of 2020, it is a desolate district of Las Smell-Ass, and has never been exhaustively explored due to sightings of rare monsters - in order to forfend them, they are hidden away in their natural habitat, now a nature preserve - the Crag Island.

There is a total of 24 monsters indigenous to the island, 2 of which exclusive. The island itself, known by his real name "Bankai", weeps tears every night on the inside, due to severe loneliness and depression. Whenever he cries on the outside, the island erupts into rainfall; this is every Valentine's Day (February 14). He is, however, usually lethargic, sleeping most of the time.

Indigenous monstersEdit

The Monsters of the Crag Island are of the earth, cold, air, plant and water elements, with some additional special elements, such as ethereal exclusives.

Monster Level Breeding Time Element(s)
Single element monsters available
50px-Noggin.png Noggin 1 15 seconds 30px-Earth_element.png
50px-Mammott_(smile).png Mammott 2 2 minutes 30px-Cold_element.png
50px-Potbelly.png Potbelly 9 2 hours 30px-Plant_element.png
50px-Tweedle.png Tweedle 4 4 hours 30px-Air_element.png
Double element monsters available
50px-Fwog.png Fwog 7 30 minutes 30px-Water_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png
50px-Drumpler.png Drumpler 7 30 minutes 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png
50px-Shrubb.png Shrubb 9 8 hours 30px-Plant_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png
50px-Furcorn.png Furcorn 9 8 hours 30px-Plant_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png
50px-Dandidoo.png Dandidoo 9 8 hours 30px-Plant_element.png 30px-Air_element.png
50px-Quibble.png Quibble 4 8 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Water_element.png
50px-Cybop.png Cybop 4 8 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png
Monster Level Breeding Time Element(s)
Triple element monsters available
50px-T-Rox.png T-Rox 4 6 hours 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Water_element.png
50px-Thumpies.png Thumpies 9 12 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Plant_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png
50px-Congle.png Congle 4 12 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Water_element.png
50px-Pompom.png PomPom 4 12 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png
50px-Scups.png Scups 4 12 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Water_element.png
50px-Reedling.png Reedling 9 12 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Plant_element.png
Quad element monsters available
50px-Riff.png Riff 4 18 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Water_element.png
50px-Quarrister.png Quarrister 9 18 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Plant_element.png
Other/ special monsters available
40px-Nebulob.png Nebulob 9 36 hours 30px-Plasma_Element.png 30px-Mech_Element.png
40px-Shugavox.png Shugavox 1 35 hours 30px-Legendary_Element.png
50px-Schmoochle.png Schmoochle 4 25 hours N/A
48px-G%27joob.png G'joob 9 35 hours 30px-Mythical.png
Crag Quarrister Crag Quarrister 9 18 hours 30px-Air_element.png 30px-Earth_element.png 30px-Cold_element.png 30px-Plant_element.png
Cuttlesody Cuttlesody 15 168 hours Electricity Element


Each obstacle can be removed by coins and can be replaced where ever using diamonds. Removing them gives EXP. They are most frequently removed for experience points; the bigger and more expensive the impediment, the more EXP given. It is a reliable way of farming experience.

Removing obstructions will remove them permanently, but as aforementioned, they can be purchased back with diamonds. On the Crag Island, the obstacles can change depending on the time of the year; if in Halloween, they will get covered in toilet paper, if in Christmas, the trees are covered in baubles and the rocks are covered in snow, etc. prevailing upon some players to keep them around.

As soon as the Crag Island was released the obstacles could be bought back after removal; with older islands such as the Plant Island, however, soon after the game's release, this was not possible. These changes were implemented in Version 1.3.2.

Crag Island Small Tree Crag Island Medium Tree Crag Island Big Tree
Crag Island Small Rock Crag Island Medium Rock Crag Island Big Rock

Special occasionsEdit

New Years (31 December - 1 January)Edit

During New Year's day, the island monster, Bankai, will be sporting red 'New Years' glasses, manifesting signs of festivity. The island itself will be laden with festive lights, cladding the ground in a red gleam; according to multiple different accounts from the My Singing Monsters Handbook, a smell of feasts pervade the air. The tint is clearly distinguishable from the usual, dirty yellow colour that is iconic to the island.

Valentine's Day (February 10 - 18)Edit

During the week around Valentine's Day, the island monster wears pink shades shaped like hearts, denoting love - Valentine's Day. However, one of his shades is cracked to signify a broken heart - as aforementioned, he is not a winner when it comes to love. In addition, the island will explode into rainfall.

Easter (March 18 - April 5)Edit

During Easter, the east of the island will be enveloped in eggs and their shells, whereas the west will be engulfed in chocolate bunnies. The Crag Island, along with the Earth and Water, is the only island to not feature grass during the Easter period, mostly due to conditions and atmosphere-predicated properties.

April Fools' (April 1)Edit

On April Fools' Day, the island will replicate the look of the Earth Island, and all of the monsters will be wearing masks depicting different internet memes and aspects of popular culture.

Summer (July 20 - September 10)Edit

During summer, the sun can be visible from a birdseye view of the island. Its rays will shine and cast down upon the rock-strewn earth, making it seem a shade of hue more radiant.

Halloween (October 20 - November 3)Edit

Pumpkins will lie unkempt littered around the place, some upturned during this period. Certain pumpkins are carved to resemble the island monster, mourning over his loneliness, in lament. The sky is visibly more murky and overcast, with thick clouds slowly floating around.

Christmas period (December 1 - December 27)Edit

The blanket of snow will envelop the surroundings during this time. Festive lights radiate a warm emittance connoting the fact that, despite the frigidness, Christmas will remain as perhaps the warmest season of the year.