Clear 14
Background information
Genre Science-fiction, thriller
Creator(s) Madame KC
First Aired On... 10:00 PM EST, March 28, 2015
Last Aired On...
Number of Seasons 2 (currently)
Number of Episodes 52 (currently)
Status Ongoing
Clear 14 is an animated dystopian science-fiction TV series created by Madame KC and Codi Breaker. 52 episodes have currently been released.


The year is 2305. A new empire has sprung up from the ashes of the once-great, now-fallen city of Tokyo—the Futōmeina Republic: "A high-tech super-city with all the culture of the original Tokyo, plus some added bonuses."

The ultimate expectation for citizens of the Republic is simple: follow any and all government rules. If they do, life will be a blissful utopia...

...but if not, death is imminent. The members of the Clear 14—a rebel organization that has made it their ultimate goal to take down the Republic—know the truth all too well. After all, the Futōmeina Republic is what caused them to become the Clear 14 in the first place.

Teenage geniuses, an avian-human hybrid, an old friend turned digital...that's only two members and an ally of the group. But even with their combined superhuman IQs, genetic enhancements, and hacking abilities, they may never be able to take down the Futōmeina Republic. But never say never.

Will they succeed? Only time will tell...


  1. The Clear 14
    1. Tokei Gōrudo
    2. Surudoi Kuma
    3. Koma Sentōki
    4. Mizu Katarite
    5. Meikai Suki
    6. Aizu Dendō
    7. Hatsumei Kotchai
    8. Maiagaru Umō
    9. Narau Kudatte
    10. Rekishi Hon
    11. Tomaru Yoru
    12. Purē Osu
    13. Ikite Joshi
    14. Erai Kappatsuna

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