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Alderani was an official language of Alderan, commonly influenced on planets affiliated with it. After Alderan was destroyed in 1597, the Alderani language had fallen along with it as in Corsconia, the second-in-line planet to use it, had prevented usage of it.

Common influenceEdit


When Cryo people first visited Alderan somewhat around 508[1], the Alderani language began adapting Cryo words to their own alphabet, and thus the Alderani language began to grow. When Alderan gained advantage over products in Corsconia during 694, Alderani citizens began to move to different planets, and the Alderani language even began to adapt into other languages. Nonetheless, as of 904, the Corsconian language had adapted over 400 Alderani words into their alphabet.


The Alderani language originated from native-speaking Corsconians. It was created as soon as Alderan became independent from Corsconia by Unsen Lan[2], and was officially a language by 578. It was mainly used for Alderani builders to communicate when building before becoming a language.[3]

Main languageEdit

Below is main examples of the Alderani language.

Common Nouns 15px-Oppose.png indicates words that are in the English language, but aren't in the Alderani language
Word English approximation
norgt dad
bock book
tsren space
yjula mum
Ederln Alderan
Kuorszenemni Corsconia
szesti sister
buruvfer brother
lowvse loaves
roovfsz roofs
15px-Oppose.png lnumonaya pneumonia
szentanzce sentence
Common Connectives
Word English approximation
andu and
becuszu because
vfemn them
vfey they


  1. The majority of the Cryo people returned home with fond knowledge of the Alderani language, and thus both the Cryo language spread in Alderan and the Alderani alphabet and the Alderani language and Alderani alphabet in Cryotal Noar
  2. Unsen Lan was entrusted by Corsconia to make Alderan an alphabet even before Alderan was independent during 564, a few days after its discovery. Overall, it took Lan 13 years to create a simplified, usable version of the language and a year to make it official.
  3. Nermena Zulpack, a Corsconian builder, personally filed a request to Unsen Lan - when he was making the language official - of the Alderani language being learned by builders, as they could not communicate due to their language differences.

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