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This is a book on a weird day at my school,in which there was a three time combination of: Saint Patrick’s Day, world book day and red nose day. I have now decided to write about the awkward events that occurred that day (One day before)

I was fully prepared for all three of those events in one. I bought two blind bag red noses, a green top that says Saint Patrick’s Day and finally a super hero costume. As I eagerly tore my blind bags open, I found that I had two identical, the super hero suit was aged from 3-6 years old. And get this: my little cousin spilt grape juice on my shirt which would never wash out. Although I have a problem for each of these, I do not have a solution.

(On the day) As I slipped on my red nose, I promptly handed the other one to my friend who came with me. And guess what, once I reached school I found that about 4 other people who had got to school first where wearing the exact same red nose so it looked like I copied them. One of my other friends had just copied me but when I tried to explain it to the others they didn’t believe me.

Later on in the day I found that some random dude in a stall outside, making millions by just selling cheap little key chains made from tape and cardboard I mean it is ridiculous. Any way back to my English lesson, we had to write about the history of comic relief ( sooooooo boooring) it ran in to 8 minutes of our play time so there was only 7 min left. What next! The playground was practically raided with fund raiser stalls so the little play time we had to dodge stalls and their owners. It was more like fun raiders (get it raiser, raider).

Back on topic, for maths we had to do a bunch of these cheesy maths sheets based on comic relief for example: how many red noses can you buy for £50 if one costs £12.99. It was awful. I noticed the shelves looked redder today than ever at guided reading and when I picked up a book it was comic relief themed it was called "how comic relief got its groove” by the way it an actual comic.

So there is not much to say about lunch but after well…. … WE HAD TO DESIGN OUR OWN RED NOSES, give me a break it’s all comic relief, comic relief, comic relief AHHH!!!!. I think we can all agree it’s been a weird day. The end (finally). By fire phoenix and thunder berry

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